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Athena 19inch 4:3 still popular

  • Friday 30 June 2017

Snel Kartonnage factories are using the classical F19B Athena all-in-one with touch.

They have been doing so for many years, nowadays the Athena F19B is used throughout their company in warehouses, production and even in central places for workers to "clock" their entrance and leave.

The great thing about this example is the use of a product that has been designed so good that it is a all-time favourite for hospitals, warehouses, airports, laboratories and factories.

It comes as F19M in the color white for perfect hygiene and as F19B in the color black for harsh and dirty area's.

This Athena "golden oldie" will be in production for at least another 5 years, now with a powerful quad core 2GHz Intel engine and a lightning fast SSD inside !